The below rates are for the minimum amount of time that I'll book, though I am always happy to book longer appointments at a multiple of the listed rate. All rates are in Linden dollars, and are non-negotiable except as otherwise noted.

  • Lap Dance: L$1000 per 15 minutes

  • Lap Dance (topless):​ L$1250 per 15 minutes

  • Lap Dance (nude): L$1500 per 15 minutes

  • Oral Only: L$1500 per 15 minutes

  • Sex (vanilla): L$3000 per 30 minutes or L$5000 per hour

  • Sex (+anal): L$3500 per 30 minutes or L$6000 per hour

  • BDSM/rough play: L$500 per 30 minutes in addition to base rate

Multiple-partner appointments are welcome, but must be booked for a one-hour minimum, and cost L$1000 per extra partner per hour in addition to the base rate. Two-girl appointments, where I bring a girlfriend, can be arranged with notice; rates are negotiable.

Public dating -- "the girlfriend experience" -- for formal or informal occasions is also available. Hourly rates are negotiable depending on the nature of the situation and the client's specific requirements.

I will not take appointments involving toilet-play, age-play, or blood-play. I reserve the right to require age-verification of prospective clients prior to our first appointment.