• Arienne Evangeline

A Touch Of Ginger?

I've been blonde since I started on SL six-plus years ago. For virtually all of that time, though, I've gravitated towards warmer, richer blondes -- not desaturated ash, platinum, or flaxen blondes, but darker honey or strawberry blondes with golden or copper highlights, just this side of honest-to-goodness soulless ginger territory.

Unfortunately it's getting increasingly difficult to find those hair colors outside of the redhead palettes from various hair vendors (TRUTH, Entwined, Wasabi, and Magika are my go-tos; I occasionally wear styles from Exile, Decoy, DOUX, Lamb, and a few others). The blonde palettes have really ceased to offer anything much more saturated than caramel or toffee blondes, none of which have the golden or copper notes that I'm looking for.

So over the next while I'm going to be experimenting, wearing hairs from the redhead or ginger palettes rather than the blonde palettes. Who knows? Maybe this is the first step towards actually becoming one of those soulless gingers...


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