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New Year, New Look

Lelutka recently released a trio of new mesh heads, and I was seriously considering migrating to one of them to kick off 2019. I'd seen the Aida head, with the Glam Affair Nimoe applier, on a bunch of different blogs and it was just gorgeous. But after buying-and-trying -- which I have just got to stop doing; the heads and the appliers are way too expensive to skip the demos! -- I ended up going back to my old standby, the Simone head. It's not that I couldn't make Aida work; it's just that doing so would require pretty substantial modifications to my shape. Even if SL's shape editor weren't hot garbage, just getting enough distraction-free time to make the necessary changes would be a challenge.

Which is not to say that I haven't updated my look at all, though! First, I transitioned off the head applier that I've been wearing since July, when Glam Affair updated their skin tones. That applier, Sheila, has been great, but one of the things that's always bugged me about it is how aggressive the shading around the cheekbones is, to the point of making me look positively elfin, even borderline emaciated, under certain lighting. The applier I've migrated to, called Gaia, has similar features but less aggressive shading. Gaia's brows are a bit less flat, too -- they have some depth of color, which makes them a little more striking but still a good match for my blonde hair.

I couldn't escape making some modest tweaks to my shape, too, making my lips a little more full and altering their ratio to emphasize my lower lip a touch more (for that model-esque pout). These are pretty subtle changes -- you'd have to make a close study of my look, before and after, to notice them. But they make me happy.

You can see the results in my gallery, and also on Flickr.



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