• Arienne Evangeline

2018 SX Magazine Awards

The SX Magazine Awards are sort of the Second Life adult community's Grammys, assuming everybody was self-nominated and the winners in each category were determined by fan vote. I'm up for awards in seven categories:

Links to my work (and that of the other nominees) are available from each category page. To be eligible to vote you need to have a Flickr account, and you need to provide a link to it on your ballot. Ballots are notecards, that have to be submitted inworld at a kiosk located at VIR Studios HQ, and you need to vote for three nominees in each category you're voting in.

This is a pure popularity contest, and I do not expect to win: I have a relatively small circle of SL friends, and I am completely hopeless at self-promotion. But if you've enjoyed my naughty Flickr pictures over the last year, and you think my submissions merit your support, I'd be honored to have you vote for me.


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