• Arienne Evangeline


Today I posted the last of my shots from my MMF photo session over the weekend. Together the three of them form a little triptych -- a story in three frames. I'll link them here, for ease of reference.

  • Part 1, The wait. Standing at the balcony door, letting the cool night air fill the room, while I wait for my guests to arrive.

  • Part 2, The arrival. Their hands are hungry, urgent, demanding: my thong's torn away as their touch leaves me breathless, dizzy, and desperate with desire.

  • Part 3, The reward. Having them both at once, and giving them everything I am, unmakes me in a moment of purest bliss.

I want to thank both of my wonderful models, Brad Zeurra and Garrett Larkham, for agreeing to work on this project with me and putting up with my scatterbrains and delays. Ladies, if you're looking for male models, I can recommend both of these guys without hesitation.


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