• Arienne Evangeline

Casting Call: MMF Challenge

I'm seeking two male models to take part in an MMF photo shoot, to take place within the next couple of weeks (I'm the F). The session will consist of 2-3 still shots, and I expect it to take a couple of hours. Please review the following requirements carefully before responding.

  • You must NOT be someone I've worked with previously. If we've done any kind of work together in the past, whether in my photography, yours, or someone else's, I can't use you for this particular project.

  • You must be able to be online at approximately the same time as me. My home timezone is US-Pacific (aka SLT, aka GMT -8). I work during the day, and so generally speaking the best times for me are between 9pm and 3am on weeknights.

  • You must have a relatively modern and polished AV. I just finished a blog post describing what I like to see in male avatars. It's not an especially long read, and it should give you a pretty good idea of what I'm looking for.

  • You must be okay with being naked and intimate with me and another male for the duration of the shoot. The photographed sex will be heterosexual, but if you have any reservations or hangups about being in close proximity with another nude male, I can't use you for this.

If you meet all these criteria, fantastic! I'd love to hear from you. To reply, drop me a notecard (not an IM) in Second Life (secondlife:///app/agent/c5f3ea1c-86c9-485f-a4d1-0005444efca7/about) no later than 6pm SLT on Tuesday, September 4th, with the following information:

  • Your SL display name, and what you prefer to be called if it differs.

  • A rough idea of your online times.

  • A sentence or two describing your prior modeling experience, if any. Note that a lack of prior experience isn't disqualifying! Just be honest with me about it.

  • A link to a relatively recent full-body nude shot of your AV. Your favorite Flickr nude selfie will be fine.

  • Another sentence or two telling me what you liked, or didn't like, about my blog post linked above. This is just my way of ensuring that you read both it and these instructions.

Any responses that lack the required information, or that come in after the deadline, will be ignored. Depending on how many responses I get, I'll narrow down my selection and try to reply by 6pm SLT on Thursday, September 6th.

Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


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