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Skin Headaches

I'll be updating the pictures in my gallery over the coming weeks, and sharp-eyed visitors might notice some modest changes in my avatar's appearance. I thought I'd explain the situation.

I've been wearing Glam Affair skins almost since I joined Second Life. Aida Ewing's work is, in my opinion, some of the best and most beautiful on the grid, and when I transitioned to wearing the Maitreya Lara mesh body I was super-excited that Glam Affair skin tones were built right in, no appliers needed. I wear the fair "Europa" tone from October through March, and the more sun-kissed "America" tone from April through September.

Since the Maitreya Lara body was released in 2014, though, the built-in Glam Affair tones have become a little dated. They're still lovely, but compared to newer appliers being produced by other vendors, they're a bit rough -- some of the shading is questionable, and the, um, undercarriage isn't particularly well detailed. So I was delighted when Aida announced that, with the relaunch of the Glam Affair storefront, she'd be releasing updated, Maitreya-compatible skin tones.

Unfortunately, though, it seems that Aida decided to break backwards compatibility. The new tones, while absolutely gorgeous, lack the familiar names (they just have alphanumeric codes, like "A-003") and aren't quite equivalent to the old tones (A-003 is a near miss for the old Europa, and A-005 is a near miss for the old America). While the former issue is just a little irritating, the latter is a real problem for me because it obsolesces the Glam Affair applier I've been using for my Lelutka mesh head (Adley, for the record), and I've always found changing my head applier to be excruciating. Finding something that looks right, that looks like me, is painful: I went through four or five different appliers, agonizing each time, before finally settling on Adley, and I haven't thought seriously about switching again for almost a year and a half. Now I kind of have to.

On the bright side, Aida also released eight new head appliers that are compatible with the new skin tones, and one of them -- Sheila -- seems fairly close to Adley; or, at least, close enough that I can probably make it work. I think it might accentuate the high cheekbones of the Simone head a bit more than I prefer, and the brows are a trifle different, but I suspect these differences are more obvious to me than they are to someone who hasn't been wearing Adley constantly since March of last year.

In any case: slightly different skin tones, slightly different face, same girl... and my OCD is going to force me to update virtually every image on the site so that prospective clients can see what they're getting.

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