• Arienne Evangeline

Bewildered By Flickr Preferences

Don’t get me wrong: I’m incredibly flattered that any of my hopelessly-amateurish pieces of Second Life photography attract interest on Flickr, never mind inspire people to “favorite” them or to follow me. Yet I sometimes find myself perplexed by which of my pictures attract the most attention.

Last night, for example, I posted a picture titled You’ll Have To Get Through Me First. To my eyes it’s not awful, but it’s hardly my best, most artistic stuff — I didn’t spend a lot of time staging or lighting it, nor did I really stretch myself editing it in Photoshop. Despite this, less than twelve hours later it’s attracted 540 views and 90 favorites. Contrast with another picture I posed back in October, titled Apple Of My Eye. That one I did spend a lot of time staging, lighting, and editing, and I think it shows: it’s one of the shots I’m happiest with, and I use it in the gallery on my website. But more than two months later and it’s got 1.3k views and 114 favorites.

Granted, most of the views and clicks on any given picture will tend to come in the first day or so after posting, and possibly I’m underestimating the hypnotic power of my tits (out and proud in You’ll Have To Get Through Me First, considerably more hidden in Apple Of My Eye). But still. Am I really that poor a critic of my own work?


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