• Arienne Evangeline

So You Want To Work With Me #4: Be Respectful Of My Time

Maybe you discovered me via my website, or my Flickr feed. Maybe you ran across my name in a SL group, or just stumbled across my SL profile. What’s important is that you — a photographer or producer — found me, and now you’re interested in using me as talent in your art.

Let me say at the outset that I’m incredibly flattered by your interest and I do not take it for granted. Before you reach out to me, though, I want to give you a few tips, in the form of this series of short posts, to help ensure that our relationship not only gets off on the right foot, but remains positive and constructive through the completion of your project (and, hopefully, beyond). I want to work with you and help you be successful, and I make these suggestions in that spirit.

I find it super-annoying to log into SL only to get spammed with IMs before my avatar has had a chance to fully rez. It makes me feel pressured and pounced-upon. If you've been waiting to speak with me and you see me come online, wait for five or ten minutes before IM'ing me, to give me a chance to read my messages and get organized.

Similarly, I'm not always free, and even when I am, I'm not always in a mood to talk shop. If I tell you that I'm busy or that I can't talk right now, it's nothing personal; it just means that I don't have it in me to talk with you right this minute. Please show some understanding. It's not necessary for you to apologize for disturbing me or anything like that; just offer to try me again some other time. Alternatively, you can send me a notecard or reach out to me via the email form on my website, and I'll usually respond within a day or so.


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