• Arienne Evangeline

So You Want To Work With Me #3: Spare Me The Casting Couch

Maybe you discovered me via my website, or my Flickr feed. Maybe you ran across my name in a SL group, or just stumbled across my SL profile. What’s important is that you — a photographer or producer — found me, and now you’re interested in using me as talent in your art.

Let me say at the outset that I’m incredibly flattered by your interest and I do not take it for granted. Before you reach out to me, though, I want to give you a few tips, in the form of this series of short posts, to help ensure that our relationship not only gets off on the right foot, but remains positive and constructive through the completion of your project (and, hopefully, beyond). I want to work with you and help you be successful, and I make these suggestions in that spirit.

I cannot even begin to pretend that I am the most prominent and experienced member of the Second Life porn community. There are any number of girls whose lists of credits positively dwarf my own. That being said, this is not my first rodeo: I'm happy to provide you with links to my credit list and my Flickr feed, and I can connect you with references if necessary, but I'm past the point where I feel like it's a worthwhile use of my time to audition for a project or role by having sex with the producer.

There are a couple reasons for this. First, there's a long and sordid history of unscrupulous guys posing as producers in order to entice girls to fuck them, and while your intentions might be entirely honorable and above-board there's just no way for me to tell. Second, my online time is limited and therefore valuable, and every minute that I spend fucking a producer off-camera is a minute that I'm not spending either on-camera, or with a paying client.

If your idea is to photograph or film a "casting couch" session, that's definitely something we can talk about. But if you expect me to fuck you off-camera as precondition to working together, I'm afraid I'm not your girl.


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