• Arienne Evangeline

So You Want To Work With Me #2: Be (Somewhat) Professional

Maybe you discovered me via my website, or my Flickr feed. Maybe you ran across my name in a SL group, or just stumbled across my SL profile. What’s important is that you — a photographer or producer — found me, and now you’re interested in using me as talent in your art.

Let me say at the outset that I’m incredibly flattered by your interest, and I do not take it for granted. Before you reach out to me, though, I want to give you a few tips, in the form of this series of short posts, to help ensure that our relationship not only gets off on the right foot, but remains positive and constructive through the completion of your project (and, hopefully, beyond). I want to work with you and help you be successful, and I make these suggestions in that spirit.

You may be thinking, "She seems friendly and playful, and she has a dirty mind and a variety of adult interests. I'm going to be asking her about posing for some naughty pictures and/or starring in a porn film. Surely she won't mind some good-natured lewdness when I reach out to her."

Stop right there.

I am friendly and playful, and I do have a dirty mind and a variety of adult interests. But none of that makes it okay for you to address me as (for example) "doll" or "pet" or "slut," or for you to emote kissing or fondling me. Maybe someday we'll have the sort of relationship that makes that sort of thing appropriate and/or welcome, but until then, please treat me like a person rather than a sex object.


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