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I'm, admittedly, complicated. I'm turned on by intelligence, creativity, and confidence, and I am enamored of, and excited by, contrasts. I savor the dissimilitude of being an intelligent, educated, well-spoken, confident women who nevertheless entertains filthy, objectifying fantasies; of being a good girl who craves the kinds of things good girls don't do.

As such, the stories and scenes that I most love, that linger in my imagination long after I've finished them, tend to involve girls who make rash or unwise decisions contrary to their good-girl self-image: girls who, sometimes without fully appreciating what they're agreeing to, make themselves objects for the unrestrained lusts of one or more (but usually more) partners, only to find themselves slowly falling thrall to the unwilling, shameful pleasure of it.

An example? Try "Nat & Sandy Pay The Rent," by Jaymal: part one, part two, and part three.


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