A bubbly, blue-eyed twentysomething girl with a bright smile, a big heart, and a creatively sensual mind, I’m the product of a shy and bookish childhood in the southeastern United States followed by a move out to California for college and law school. Over the years I’ve come to learn that I’m something of an adventurer: rather than find contentment in conforming to others’ “good girl” expectations of me, I want to live my dreams and my desires, even or especially the naughty ones, while connecting with similarly-inclined partners as I go.


Owing to my lifelong love of reading I’ve long had a taste for the erotic, from the merely risqué to the downright wanton. And yet for all of my naughty self-discovery there remain tangled parts of my sexuality still yearning to be explored. For more than a year I’ve been an adult model and actress, appearing in high-end magazines and films by some of Second Life’s finest producers. I’m equally delighted to spend an elegant evening in a little black dress and Louboutin heels; to stomp barefoot through rain-puddles, laughing, in a tank-top and cutoffs; or to skinny-dip in the ocean off a moon-kissed beach — all before retiring to a more intimate setting where we can explore one another’s fantasies. 


While in my real life I’m forced to practice discretion and comportment, when we’re together you’ll find me unpretentious and authentic. I love to listen and laugh, to surrender myself to pleasure and passion, and to make each of my lovers feel as if they’re the most important person in my world.


Tempted? Tell me what excites you; let’s try it together.